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a psychotic breakdown
the reason why I haven't been updating my LJ as much is because I've essentially moved the majority of my fannish experience to my tumblr

sorry for abandoning the LJ ship guys; but you never know, I might swim back to it one day, we'll see
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a psychotic breakdown
it takes someone posting on your FB wall to remind you that it is in fact

your birthday

holy shit, guys, I survived another year, hazzah!

now, I'm going to crash and sleep it is nearly 1am here
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a psychotic breakdown

For context, Crescent Moon was the first fanfic I'd ever written, is a WIP that hasn't been updated since 2010, because that's when I realised it was a terrible story, with cardboard OC characters, Mary-Sueing and out-of-characterness, purple prose and just general ridiculousness. It doesn't help that it was a Twilight fic. Though, I'm fond of it in the way you're fond of pre-school finger paintings, because I know I had to have written a bad!fic before my writing level could have arrived to where it is today.

The only reason I haven't taken it down is because I believe that once a story is online, I should keep it online for posterity's sake. It's like a reminder of "never again will I write something this bad". 

I am amused at this person's reaction. Fanfiction.net has the helpful aid of telling you publication/update dates. They probably should have guessed it was pretty abandoned. I've honestly forgotten where I was going with it, but I vaguely remember it was a probably ridiculously bullshit happily ever after.

But, I love this review, despite its extremely errant nature. The all-caps and the "I HATE YOU!" made me laugh and I thought I'd share. Because, seriously, if you want an author to continue writing a story, saying something like that is not the best way of going about it. Still... ahaha. :P
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a psychotic breakdown
29 April 2012 @ 04:50 pm
It was amazing. Absolutely brilliant.

I thought it was worth paying for the 3D. Despite the huge cast, I feel like every character had their moments. The action was fantastic and it was really quite funny at times. To be honest, I'm surprised at how much I loved it. 

Really enjoyed it and would totally recommend seeing it. I think it helps if you've seen some of the tie-in movies (Iron ManIron Man 2ThorCaptain America: The First Avenger, and The Incredible Hulk), but it's not super necessary to have seen them all. 
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